Simple: CyberEdDriverEd.com offers the most entertaining and economical bang for your buck. Not only do our courses satisfy many state's driver education classroom requirement, but do so at a fraction of the cost of our competitors' courses. Why pay $99 when you can pay $34.99 for the same DMV Certificate of Completion?

Economical $34.99 $99.99 $99.95
Pay Later Option Allowed to complete the ENTIRE course, up until the final exam, without paying! Only allowed to complete 20% without paying. Only allowed to complete first section without paying.
Interactive games and videos inside course? Yes. We have designed a series of interactive games to help reinforce key aspects of the program, along with video clips from our wildly popular Driver Ed to Go DVD! Some. Some.
California Certified Yes Yes Yes

As you can see from the above comparison chart, not only does CyberEdDriverEd.com offer a superior product but it also offers a more entertaining product and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. A lower-priced course doesn't mean it's less comprehensive or engaging than the competitions' courses; it means that CyberEdDriverEd.com understands that in today's economy every penny counts.

Self-paced. Works well for students with a busy schedule, and those students who prefer to learn at their own pace. Instructor-led. Text books, lectures and scheduled assignments mean less focus on the learning differences of individual students.
Interactive Course Materials. Students play educational video games about things like driving safety and road sign recognition. Passive Learning Environment. Students show up, put their heads down and sleep while the instructor plays "Hamburger on the Highway."
Frequent breaks. Allows students to be refreshed as they learn, and not overwhelmed by the material. Single sessions. Who wants to sit through a 2 hour lecture about seat belt regulations, tire pressure and three-point-turns?

Just a few more reasons why we are the BEST!!

  • State specific curriculum approved by the DMV
  • Interactive course content
  • Over 10 years of experience
  • Affordable, the cheapest in the nation
  • Over 1 million students successfully completed the course
  • Friendly 24-hour customer service (Available 7 days a week via telephone and live chat support)
  • Study in the comfort of your own home
  • No downloading and no additional software to purchase
  • Unlimited access to exams
  • Complete the online course on your time at your convenience
  • Work at your own pace, specific to your individual learning style
  • You can complete your course from any location with Internet access.
  • The course tracks your progress so you'll always return to where you last left off.
  • Easy to read and understand