About the Company

CyberActive is an e-Learning company that has focused exclusively on the topics of traffic safety and driver education since 2000. Over 1,000,000 people have taken one of CyberActive's online courses; over 99% of whom have given CyberActive's courses high marks. These evaluations often comment upon the ease of usability, comprehensiveness of the course materials, and the engaging multimedia features. What is the secret to CyberActive's high customer satisfaction rate? Simple. For the past 10 years CyberActive has focused all of its time and resources on one line of business: providing affordable and accessible driver safety education to every single driver -- new and old, commercial and non-commercial -- in the United States.

CyberActive believes that educating drivers about safe driving habits is the single most effective means of achieving long-term roadway safety. This is why CyberActive provides online traffic school and defensive driving courses for licensed adults, large vehicle safety courses for corporate fleets, driver education courses for teenagers, online driver improvement courses for mature drivers, and online driver safety courses for insurance companies in all 50 states.

Online Driven Education Courses

In 2001, CyberActive was one of the first companies to offer online driver education courses to teenagers in California who needed to take a driver education course in order to get a driver's license. The course was initially met with reticence by lawmakers in other states and high school officials who worried about cheating. However, after conducting many studies on the course's efficacy, lawmakers in many states adopted laws to utilize online driver education courses. CyberActive's courses were among the first to gain approval in these states, allowing teens to take their driver education requirement online. High schools also started allowing their students to take online driver education courses. In fact, the course has been so effective that many schools currently utilize CyberActive's online driver education courses.

About our Courses

CyberActive courses were written and developed by a consortium of legal and driving safety experts. With so many other online traffic school and defensive driving programs out there, we realized that in order to stand-out we had to go the extra mile in making our courses the most user-friendly, engaging and fun in the industry. That is why we hired a team of award-winning graphic artists, web designers, illustrators and videographers to create one-of-a-kind courses that engage the learner unlike any other product on the market. This is evidenced by the fact that CyberActive has remained one of the largest and most popular online traffic school and defensive driving providers in the United States for 10 years.

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If you need to take a drivers education course, we know there′s no better way to meet the requirements for receiving a first time driver′s license or leaner′s permit than CyberEdDriverEd.com. To prove it we′re sharing some real reviews from students just like you that having already taken our online drivers ed course. Check out what they have to say and decided for yourself!

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