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Driver Ed DVD and Streaming Video

The moment you've been waiting for your entire life has finally arrived. No, not the senior-year trip to Cancun, Mexico. The other defining moment in your young life: getting your driver's license!

This Driver Ed DVD is a complete driver training course on one DVD, and the perfect compliment to your behind-the-wheel driver training class! The video includes interactive quizzes, a study guide, alcohol and drug awareness, hilarious bloopers and out-takes! Learn the ABC's of safe driving, vehicle maintenance and everything else you'll need to know before your Department of Motor Vehicles driving test.

Special Features Include:

  • Interactive Quizzes
  • Study Guide
  • Recognizing Road Signs
  • Alcohol Awareness
  • 3D Animation
  • Hilarious Bloopers

Our all-inclusive Driver Ed DVD breaks down the various driving lessons in separate and understandable sections. You can repeat and review any of the sections in the video until you're totally comfortable with the key points of that particular lesson.

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Proper vehicle maintenance is an important factor in keeping you safe and extending the life of your automobile. Whether it's checking the air pressure in your tires or checking your oil, this section of the video will teach you how to make sure your vehicle is ready to hit the road and telltale signs that mean you may want to swing-by a mechanic's shop first.
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Interactive Mulitmedia

The video combines live-action with 3-D animation and interactive quizzes, which can be taken using a remote control.

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Meet the Cast

Four reluctant students. One wise-cracking instructor. What could possibly go wrong? Everything. From running stop signs to cutting off other drivers in traffic, watch as these first-time drivers make every mistake in the book and learn how to safely avoid these mistakes before getting behind the wheel of a car.

If you're under the age of 18 and you need to fulfill your drivers license requirements, why not do it the fast and easy way? You will  our course, thousands of teens have!